Director's Statement: Gender Pay Gap 2017

Owen Sansom, Institute Director at the Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute, said: “We realise that we aren’t where we should be with our gender pay gap and are undertaking a review of all salaries to identify and address any anomalies in pay between men and women.  We are also implementing a number of changes to make it easier for women to continue to progress their scientific research careers from flexible working to improved maternity leave.  We are committed to developing a pool of senior female talent and championing women in research science.
“The Institute operates in a sector that relies heavily on highly skilled scientific researchers and those wishing to train in this area.  The Institute staff participate actively in scientific outreach work with schools and universities to encourage more young women to continue their studies in science, technology, engineering and maths, known as STEM subjects.  In the UK, just 9% of the STEM workforce is female and it is estimated that it will take a generation at least to change attitudes towards women entering STEM careers.   As well as looking at ways we can address this wider societal issue, we are committed to creating a diverse working culture as it will enable us to conduct cutting edge research and also encourage new ideas and creativity in the sector.”


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