The Beatson Institute is a Registered Scottish Charity (no. SCO06106) and a company limited by guarantee (registered in Scotland no. 84170).

The Institute is governed by its Board of Governors who are the directors of the company and trustees of the charity. The Board is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the Institute, including its scientific strategy, operational policies, regulatory compliance and financial stewardship and accountability. On a day-to-day basis, many of these responsibilities are delegated to the Institute's Management Team.

Board of Governors

Prof Nic Jones (Chair)*

Chief Scientist, Cancer Research UK

Mr Craig Anderson+

Senior Partner, KPMG

Prof Anton Muscatelli+

Principal of the University of Glasgow

Dr Iain Foulkes*

Executive Director, Strategy and Research Funding, Cancer Research UK

Mr Ian Kenyon*

Chief Financial Officer, Cancer Research UK

Company Secretary: Mr Peter Winckles

The Beatson Institute for Cancer Research

*Partner Director
+Independent Director


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