Beatson Advanced Imaging Resource (BAIR)

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The Beatson Advanced Imaging Resource provides a full range of support from basic imaging to the development of advanced applications.

We specialise in live cell imaging and mouse in vivo imaging, using a variety of techniques including photo-activation and photo-bleaching, FLIM and FRET.

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  • Priority given to Beatson users, followed by University of Glasgow
  • Outside access primarily on a collaborative basis


  • Live cell imaging, including time and frequency domain FLIM, TIRF, photo-activation, photo-bleaching and photo-conversion
  • Mouse in vivo imaging, including collagen SHG and use of photo-activation and photo-bleaching, FLIM and FRET

Group members

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Ewan McGhee
Margaret O'Prey
David Strachan

Confocal Microscopy

Olympus FV1000 (x2)
Nikon A1R
Leica TCS SP2
Zeiss LSM 710
Zeiss 880 with Airyscan



Live Cell

Custom TIRF
Olympus / Volocity deconvolution system
Medium Throughput Long Term Time Lapse (x4)
Incucyte FLR
2 Incucyte Zooms


2 LaVision Bio-Tec TRIM scopes
Lambert Instruments custom Spinning Disk
Lambert Instruments custom TIRF


Leica AF6000 micro-dissection
Upright stands for histology and immunofluorescence (x4)
Off-line image analysis (x8)


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