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The Screening Facility couples genetic and chemical high throughput screening with multiparametric phenotypic image analysis to support translational cancer research. We employ functional genomics (siRNA, shRNA, CRISPR) tools in both pooled and arrayed approaches to support target identification and target validation in multiple types of cancer. Our state-of-the-art image analysis capabilities, including a machine learning module, support identification of a suite of cellular phenotypes in both 2D and 3D environments.

The Head and Neck Cancer Research Group aims to identify novel therapeutic targets for treating non-HPV associated HNSCC, specifically oral squamous cell carcinomas. We focus on target identification and validation using cell lines derived directly from patient tumours, and a suite of in vitro and in vivo techniques. Central to our approach is the multiplexing of functional genomics and drug screening, genomic characterisation and patient data to identify the strongest candidates for clinical progression: development of radiosensitising agents and those effective under hypoxia is a key focus. We are supported by external collaborations with a number of HNSCC radiobiologists, surgeons and oncologists.

Team Members

Principal Scientific Officer

Lynn McGarry

Scientific Officer

John Halpin


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