Recent postdoc awards

A number of our postdocs have had successes in recent months:

Paul Timpson has been awarded an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship to set up his own group at The Garvan Institute for Medical Research in Sydney.

Simon Calaminus has accepted a Lectureship at Hull University.

Elena Rainero was awarded 1st prize for her talk at the Biochemical Society meeting on Rab GTPases held in Cork in June, while Jesica Diaz won 2nd prize for her poster presentation at the meeting.

Kirsteen Campbell and Dritan Liko were both awarded prizes for their talks at the 8th International Biennial Conference on RNA Polymerases I and III in Virginia, USA.

Amber Yu won a prize at the Abercrombie Meeting in Oxford for her poster 'N-WASP coordinates the delivery and F-actin mediated capture of MT1-MMP at invasive pseudopods to drive breast cancer cell invasion', which she co-authored with Tobias Zech.


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