Student's work featured in The Scientist

The work of a former student in Jim Norman's lab, Marta Dozynkiewicz and others has been highlighted in an editorial article in The Scientist.

In their paper the researchers describe the interaction between two proteins Rab25 and CLIC3, and how they might contribute to more aggressive types of cancer.

The work was published in Developmental Cell:
Dozynkiewicz MA, Jamieson NB, MacPherson I, Grindlay J, van den Berghe P, von Thun A, Morton JP, Gourley C, Timpson P, Nixon C, McKay CJ, Carter R, Strachan D, Anderson K, Sansom OJ, Caswell PT, Norman JC. Rab25 and CLIC3 collaborate to promote integrin recycling from late endosomes/lysosomes and drive cancer progression. Dev Cell 2012; 22:131-45.


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