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Understanding Tumour Immunology


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Meeting sponsored by BioLegend, EACR, Eurogentec, Miltenyi, Roche and Zeiss

The success of cancer immunotherapy has revitalised cancer research and oncology, and it has reinforced the view that immune cells are viable therapeutic targets in cancer patients. Immune cells play a critical role in all stages of cancer progression including initiation, expansion, invasion and metastasis. Immune cells also regulate the efficacy of anti-cancer therapies additionally highlighting the importance of the immune system in cancer therapy.

Recent research has revealed extensive cancer-relevant immune cell diversity and complexity that may be exploited for therapeutic purposes, and important parallels between immune cell behaviour in cancer and inflammatory diseases. Thus, the focus of this meeting will be to bring together a wide breadth of experts who investigate immune cell biology in both cancer and inflammatory disease with the intent of understanding immune cell behaviour throughout tumour development. Presentations will be centred on three major themes: immunostimulation, immunosuppression and immune networks. The invited speakers include both senior, established researchers and new investigators, spanning the gamut of innate and adaptive immune cells.

In line with this aim, the workshop will be limited to 150 delegates so all participants will have easy access to the speakers and each other during the sessions and social time. Prizes, kindly sponsored by EACR, will be awarded to the best poster presentations and short oral presentations will be chosen from submitted abstracts. We intend that participants will leave with the most up-to-date, cutting-edge knowledge of immunology in the context of cancer.

To register for the workshop, please use the Registration Form.

Confirmed Speakers:
Karin de Visser, NKI (Netherlands) Zeiss Sponsored Keynote Speaker
Jeff Pollard, Univ of Edinburgh (UK)
Miki de Palma, ISREC (Switzerland) EACR Sponsored Speaker
Caetano Reis e Sousa, Crick Institute (UK)
Adrian Hayday, Crick Institute (UK)
Derek Mann, Newcastle Univ (UK)
Sarah Walmsley, Univ of Edinburgh (UK)
Carola Ries, Roche (Germany) Roche Sponsored Speaker
Gerry Graham Univ of Glasgow (UK)
Paul Martin, Univ of Bristol (UK)
Stuart Forbes, Univ of Edinburgh (UK)
Mikala Egeblad, CSHL (USA)

There will also be talks selected from submitted abstracts and two poster sessions.

We are very grateful to the following sponsors for supporting the workshop. As well as sponsoring a number of the speakers, they are also providing student travel bursaries (Roche) and poster prizes (EACR):

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 Eurogentec  Miltenyi
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