Daniel J Murphy - Oncogene-Induced Vulnerabilities



Oncogenic mutations do more than simply drive unscheduled proliferation – they requisition entire suites of cellular programmes that impinge upon almost every aspect of cellular function. Our overarching hypothesis is that, as tumours evolve, some of these oncogene-induced alterations will be selectively required by cancer cells to maintain viability.

We have used a synthetic lethal approach to identify kinases required by cells that overexpress c-Myc. Intriguingly, our screen identified a number of metabolic regulators, suggesting that Myc-driven tumours may be particularly sensitive to disruption of metabolic checkpoints. Indeed we have recently demonstrated that cells overexpressing Myc are critically dependent upon AMPK and the closely related kinase ARK5 in order to maintain ATP homeostasis and thereby viability (Liu, Ulbrich et al., Nature 2012). This exciting result suggests that pharmacological suppression of Ark5/AMPK may have broad therapeutic potential against a spectrum of human cancers. Furthermore, we have developed a number of conditional transgenic mouse models of cancer that enable us to humanely track the entire course of early disease through tumour initiation and progression in situ.

The use of inducible RNAi transgenic technology will now enable us to accurately model therapeutic intervention against existing tumours in mice with a higher degree of genetic "on-target" certainty than is typically afforded by nascent pharmacological agents. The use of these models to compliment cell culture based approaches is essential for a complete mechanistic understanding of the many processes involved in cancer as well as for more realistic pre-clinical evaluation of candidate therapies.

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Education and qualifications

2000: PhD, University of Virginia, Supervisor Daniel Engel
1993: BSc, Biology (Magna cum Laude), University of Scranton


2012-present: Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow
2008-2012: Junior Group Leader, University of Wuerzburg, Germany
2006-2008: Research Specialist, University of California, San Francisco, USA
2001-2006: Postdoctoral Fellow with Gerard Evan, UCSF, USA
2000-2001: Postdoctoral Scientist with Mark Israel, UCSF, USA

Recent Publications


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Kamphorst JJ, Murphy DJ. The Beatson International Cancer Conference: Powering the Cancer Machine. Cancer Metab 2: 25, 2014

Lab Members

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Jenny Crowe
Pooyeh Farahmand
Bjorn Kruspig
Nathiya Muthalagu (Worldwide Cancer Research; jointly supervised by Owen Sansom)

PhD Students

Sarah Laing
Declan Whyte (Pancreatic Cancer UK Future Leaders Academy)

Former Lab Members

Katarina Balazova
Tiziana Monteverde
Jennifer Port


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