Peter D Adams - Epigenetics of Cancer and Ageing

University of Glasgow / Beatson Associate


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The Adams lab investigates the impact of chromatin structure and epigenetics on cell proliferation, ageing and cancer. In particular, we hypothesise that age-associated changes in chromatin structure, function and regulation contribute to the dramatic age-associated increase in incidence of cancer. While age is the biggest single risk factor for most cancers, the reason for this is current poorly understood.

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Education and qualifications

1993: PhD, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London, Supervisor Peter Parker
1989: BSc, Biochemistry, Oxford University, UK


2008-present: Professor, University of Glasgow, CRUK Beatson Institute
2008-2011: Associate Professor, Wistar Institute, Philadelphia, USA
2005-2011: Associate Professor, Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA
2005-2008: Member with Tenure, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, USA
1999-2005: Associate Member, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, USA
1997-1998: Instructor, Division of Neoplastic Disease Mechanisms
1993-1997: Postdoctoral Fellow with William G. Kaelin Jr, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

Recent Publications


van Tuyn J, Jaber-Hijazi F, MacKenzie D, Cole JJ, Mann E, Pawlikowski JS, Singh Rai T, Nelson DM, McBryan T, Ivanov A, Blyth K, Wu H, Milling S, Adams PD (2017) Oncogene-Expressing Senescent Melanocytes Upregulate Mhc Class Ii, A Candidate Melanoma Suppressor Function. J Invest Dermatol, in press

Wang T, Tsui B, Kreisberg JF, Robertson NA, Gross AM, Yu MK, Carter H, Brown-Borg HM, Adams PD, Ideker T. Epigenetic aging signatures in mice livers are slowed by dwarfism, calorie restriction and rapamycin treatment. Genome Biol 18: 57, 2017


Capell BC, Drake AM, Zhu J, Shah PP, Dou Z, Dorsey J, Simola DF, Donahue G, Sammons M, Rai TS, Natale C, Ridky TW, Adams PD, Berger SL. MLL1 is essential for the senescence-associated secretory phenotype. Genes Dev 30: 321-36, 2016

Correia-Melo C, Marques FDM, Anderson R, Hewitt G, Hewitt R, Cole J, Carroll BM, Miwa S, Birch J, Merz A, Rushton MD, Charles M, Jurk D, Tait SWG, Czapiewski R, Greaves L, Nelson G, Bohlooly-Y M, Rodriguez-Cuenca S, Vidal-Puig A, Mann D, Saretzki G, Quarato G, Green DR, Adams PD, von Zglinicki T, Korolchuk VI, Passos JF. Mitochondria are required for pro-ageing features of the senescent phenotype. EMBO J 35: 724-42, 2016

Maddocks ODK, Labuschagne CF, Adams PD, Vousden KH. Serine metabolism supports the methionine cycle and DNA/RNA methylation through de novo ATP synthesis in cancer cells. Mol Cell 61: 210-21, 2016

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Field A, Adams PD. Targeting chromatin aging - The epigenetic impact of longevity-associated interventions. Exp Gerontol 2016 Dec 13. pii: S0531-5565(16)30583-6. doi: 10.1016/j.exger.2016.12.010. [Epub ahead of print]

Vizioli MG, Adams PD. Senescence can be BETter without the SASP? Cancer Discov 6: 576-8, 2016

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Daniel Ricketts M, Frederick B, Hoff H, Tang Y, Schultz DC, Singh Rai T, Grazia Vizioli M, Adams PD, Marmorstein R. Ubinuclein-1 confers histone H3.3-specific-binding by the HIRA histone chaperone complex. Nat Commun 6: 7711, 2015

Dikovskaya D, Cole JJ, Mason SM, Nixon C, Karim SA, McGarry L, Clark W, Hewitt RN, Sammons MA, Zhu J, Athineos D, Leach JD, Marchesi F, van Tuyn J, Tait SW, Brock C, Morton JP, Wu H, Berger SL, Blyth K, Adams PD. Mitotic Stress Is an Integral Part of the Oncogene-Induced Senescence Program that Promotes Multinucleation and Cell Cycle Arrest. Cell Rep 12: 1483-96, 2015

Dou Z, Xu C, Donahue G, Shimi T, Pan JA, Zhu J, Ivanov A, Capell BC, Drake AM, Shah PP, Catanzaro JM, Daniel Ricketts M, Lamark T, Adam SA, Marmorstein R, Zong WX, Johansen T, Goldman RD, Adams PD, Berger SL. Autophagy mediates degradation of nuclear lamina. Nature 527: 105-9, 2015

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Waaijer ME, Gunn DA, Adams PD, Pawlikowski JS, Griffiths CE, van Heemst D, Slagboom PE, Westendorp RG, Maier AB. P16INK4a Positive Cells in Human Skin Are Indicative of Local Elastic Fiber Morphology, Facial Wrinkling, and Perceived Age. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci 2015. doi: 10.1093/gerona/glv114. Epub 2015 Aug 18

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van Tuyn J, Adams PD. Signalling the end of the line. Nature Cell Biol 14: 339-41, 2012

Lab Members

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Farah Jaber-Hijazi
Kristina Kirschner
Arantxa Perez-Garcia
Neil Robertson
Maria Vizioli

Scientific Officers

Claire Brock
Francisco Madeira Marques

Clinical Research Fellow

Pavlina Spiliopoulou (University of Glasgow)

PhD Students

Adam Field
Ashley Newcombe


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