2018 L’Oréal UNESCO For Women in Science Award Winners Announced

Congratualtions to Dr Nathiya Mathalagu from the Beatson Institute who is amongst the five winners of this year's prestigious L'Oréal UNESCO For Women In Science Awards. For the past 11 years, L'Oréal UKI and UNESCO UK have awarded five Fellowships worth £15,000 each to early career researchers. The Fellowships are designed to provide flexible and practical financial support for the winners to further their research and careers and provide support to keep them in the scientific community. With the flexible grant, winners may choose to spend their fellowship on buying scientific equipment, paying for childcare costs, travel costs or indeed whatever they need to continue their research.

Nathiya seeks to understand the processes that drive tumour development and how the immune system can be harnessed for more effective anti-cancer therapy or prevention – particularly in pancreatic tumours. With a one-year old, the L'Oréal UNESCO funding will cover part of her childcare costs. Nathiya currently uses her annual leave to take one day off a week. Covering her childcare costs will increase the time she can spend in the lab and her productivity.

More details of the L'Oréal UNESCO For Women In Science international programme can be found here.

Nathiya (second from left) and her fellow awardees

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