Existing treatment could be used for 'untreatable' type of lung cancer

21st June 2018

Dr Daniel Murphy and others at the Institute have published findings in Science Translational Medicine showing that a treatment that is already approved in certain types of cancer could also be used in another type of lung cancer (KRAS-driven lung cancer) for which there is currently no specific treatment. The fact that it is already approved for use in other cancers means that it could be available for patients with KRAS-driven lung cancer much sooner than it otherwise would be.

Daniel said 'There is a pressing need to develop alternative strategies for more effective treatment of KRAS‐driven lung cancer, and this is a promising breakthrough which we hope could benefit patients soon.

'The inhibitor we studied – a multi-ERBB inhibitor – helped sensitise tumours and was of therapeutic benefit when used in combination with another cancer drug called Trametinib, resulting in a clear extension of lifespan.

'Based on our findings, we hope lung cancer patients with the KRAS-driven form of lung cancer may in future benefit from inclusion of this inhibitor in their treatment plan.'

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