The Chemistry group is responsible for all aspects of medicinal, synthetic, computational and analytical (purification) chemistry. In the early phase of projects, this covers the provision of chemical biology tools as well as synthesis of small compound sets for hit validation. As projects become established, the main task is resourcing Hits-to-Leads and Lead Optimisation chemistry. The Chemistry group also has significant involvement in intellectual property and identification of patent positions for composition of matter claims.

Mass directed purification is a powerful and efficient tool for the modern drug discovery laboratory. In the first instance, we have purchased a mass directed prep/analytical LCMS instrument to establish a state-of-the-art purification facility.

Computational chemistry resource are an essential part of the Chemistry group. A highly skilled computational chemist works alongside structural biology and medicinal chemistry providing key expertise in compound design, docking studies and analysis. In the cases where structural information is not obtainable, computational chemistry is involved in, for example, homology modelling and docking as well as other ligand-based design paradigms.


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