Postdoctoral Fellows

We see post-docs as pillars of the research and intellectual activities of their own groups and of the Beatson as a whole. The training programme is designed to promote the development of outstanding and dedicated junior scientists and by the end of their tenure they will aim to be ready to compete for an independent position.

Where development to this stage is not possible within the time frame of the contract, a further postdoctoral position (normally at a different institution) may be pursued.

Alternatively, support and guidance is given on other career options to help the individual to find a fulfilling position. Post-docs are initially employed for three years but outstanding individuals who are developing into independent scientists may be given additional support and responsibility - such as more technical help or mentoring a postgraduate student. At the discretion of their group leader, funding may be extended for two more years

See our Recruitment pages for details of current post-doc vacancies.


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