The purpose of our postgraduate training programme is to give students starting in research an opportunity to work in state-of-the-art laboratories. This enables them to assess and develop their research talents to the full, to decide whether a research career suits them and to use their period of postgraduate study as a springboard for their future career path. Our studentships are designed to give graduates who show a strong aptitude for research the opportunity to complete substantial research projects resulting in very good publications. All students also receive training in safe working practices, writing project reports and other transferable skills.

As well as learning a very wide range of practical and technical skills, training also involves learning to be an independent scientist and students are expected to participate fully in the intellectual life of the Institute, attending and giving seminars, and actively contributing to scientific discussions. Students are also given the opportunity to present talks and posters on their work at national and international conferences to enhance their network of scientific contacts. We host an international conference, workshops and seminars at the Institute each year (that bring top scientists to visit us) and also make funding available to allow students to participate in national and international scientific meetings.


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