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Current strategies in the development of new therapies for malignant disease are based on exploiting our increasing understanding of the molecular and cellular basis of cancer development and progression.

Work in our group is aimed at developing novel laboratory models that will allow us to understand the biological function of key tumour suppressor genes and oncogenes in vivo in both normal tissues and tumours, and that will allow us to identify and characterise the signalling pathways that are deregulated at the early stages of pancreatic cancer as well as during the development and progression of the invasive and metastatic phenotype.

Using these models, we will determine how potential anti-cancer agents might best be evaluated in subsequent clinical trials.

Lab Report

Key Publications

Olmos D, A'Hern R, Marsoni S, Tabernero J, Gomez-Roca C, Verweij J, Voest EE, Schöffski P, Ang JE, Penel N, Schellens JHM, Gianni L, Brunetto AT, Evans TRJ, Wilson R, Sessa C, Plummer RE, Morales R, Soria J-C, Kaye SB, on behalf of the European Drug Development Network (EDDN). Patient selection for oncology Phase I trials – a multi-institutional study of prognostic factors. Journal of Clinical Oncology 30: 996-1004, 2012

Morton JP, Timpson P, Karim SA, Ridgway RA, Athineos D, Doyle B, Jamieson NB, Oien KA, Lowy AM, Brunton VG, Frame MC, Evans TRJ, Sansom OJ. Mutant p53 drives metastasis and overcomes growth arrest/senescence in pancreatic cancer. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 107: 246-251, 2010

Morton JP, Karim SA, Graham K, Timpson P, Jamieson NB, Athineos D, McKay CJ, Heung M-Y, Oien KA, Frame MC, Evans TRJ, Sansom OJ, Brunton VG. Dasatinib inhibits the development of metastases in a mouse model of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. Gastroenterology 139: 292-303, 2010


Education and qualifications

2014: FRCP (Edinburgh)
2000: FRCP (London)
1998: FRCP (Glasgow)
1993: MD, University of London
1988: MRCP (UK)
1984: MB BS, St Bartholomew's Hospital, University of London


2012-present: Director, Institute of Cancer Sciences, University of Glasgow (Acting Director from November 2011)
2011-present: Lead, Glasgow Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC)
2010-present: Head, Experimental Cancer Therapeutics Unit, University of Glasgow
2007-present: Honorary Group Leader, CRUK Beatson Institute
2007-2010: Deputy Head, Division of Cancer Sciences & Molecular Pathology, University of Glasgow
2005-present: Professor of Translational Cancer Research (University of Glasgow); Honorary Consultant Medical Oncology (Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre, Glasgow)
1996-2005: Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology, Centre for Oncology & Applied Pharmacology, University of Glasgow; Beatson Oncology Centre, Glasgow
1991-1996: Lecturer/Honorary Senior Registrar in Medical Oncology, St George's Hospital Medical School, London
1989-1991: Research Fellow in Medical Oncology, St George's Hospital Medical School and Charing Cross Hospital Medical School, University of London; Institute of Cancer Research, Sutton, Surrey

Current committee membership

ECMC-Industry Combinations Alliance Joint Steering Committee
NCRI Upper GI Cancer Clinical Studies Group and Pancreatic Cancer and Gastro-oesophageal Cancer sub-groups
Chair, Wales Clinical Trials Unit Independent Data Monitoring Committee
Faculty 1000 Oncology Evaluation Board – Oncology Agents Section
All Ireland Cooperative Oncology Group Panel of international peer reviewers
Editorial Board, British Journal of Cancer (Co-Editor - Clinical Subjects)
Editorial Board, BMC Cancer

Recent Publications


Carotenuto P, Fassan M, Pandolfo R, Lampis A, Vicentini C, Cascione L, Paulus-Hock V, Boulter L, Guest R, Quagliata L, Hahne JC, Ridgway R, Jamieson T, Athineos D, Veronese A, Visone R, Murgia C, Ferrari G, Guzzardo V, Evans TR, MacLeod M, Feng GJ, Dale T, Negrini M, Forbes SJ, Terracciano L, Scarpa A, Patel T, Valeri N, Workman P, Sansom O, Braconi C. Wnt signalling modulates transcribed-ultraconserved regions in hepatobiliary cancers. Gut 66: 1268-1277, 2017

Evans TR, Van Cutsem E, Moore MJ, Bazin IS, Rosemurgy A, Bodoky G, Deplanque G, Harrison M, Melichar B, Pezet D, Elekes A, Rock E, Lin C, Strauss L, O'Dwyer PJ. Phase 2 placebo-controlled, double-blind trial of dasatinib added to gemcitabine for patients with locally-advanced pancreatic cancer. Annals Oncol 28: 354-361, 2017

Humphris JL, Patch AM, Nones K, Bailey PJ, Johns AL, McKay S, Chang DK, Miller DK, Pajic M, Kassahn KS, Quinn MC, Bruxner TJ, Christ AN, Harliwong I, Idrisoglu S, Manning S, Nourse C, Nourbakhsh E, Stone A, Wilson PJ et al. Hypermutation in pancreatic cancer. Gastroenterology 152: 68-74 e2, 2017

Rath N, Morton JP, Julian L, Helbig L, Kadir S, McGhee EJ, Anderson KI, Kalna G, Mullin M, Pinho AV, Rooman I, Samuel MS, Olson MF. ROCK signaling promotes collagen remodeling to facilitate invasive pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma tumor cell growth. EMBO Mol Med 9: 198-218, 2017

Vennin C, Chin VT, Warren SC, Lucas MC, Herrmann D, Magenau A, Melenec P, Walters SN, Del Monte-Nieto G, Conway JR, Nobis M, Allam AH, McCloy RA, Currey N, Pinese M, Boulghourjian A, Zaratzian A, Adam AA, Heu C, Nagrial AM et al. Transient tissue priming via ROCK inhibition uncouples pancreatic cancer progression, sensitivity to chemotherapy, and metastasis. Sci Transl Med 2017 Apr 5;9(384). pii: eaai8504. doi: 10.1126/scitranslmed.aai8504


Bailey P, Chang DK, Nones K, Johns AL, Patch AM, Gingras MC, Miller DK, Christ AN, Bruxner TJ, Quinn MC, Nourse C, Murtaugh LC, Harliwong I, Idrisoglu S, Manning S, Nourbakhsh E, Wani S, Fink L, Holmes O, Chin V et al. Genomic analyses identify molecular subtypes of pancreatic cancer. Nature 531: 47-52, 2016

Driscoll DR, Karim SA, Sano M, Gay DM, Jacob W, Yu J, Mizukami Y, Gopinathan A, Jodrell DI, Evans TR, Bardeesy N, Hall MN, Quattrochi BJ, Klimstra DS, Barry ST, Sansom OJ, Lewis BC, Morton JP. mTORC2 signaling drives the development and progression of pancreatic cancer. Cancer Res 76: 6911-23, 2016

Graham JS, Boyd K, Coxon FY, Wall LR, Eatock MM, Maughan TS, Highley M, Soulis E, Harden S, Butzberger-Zimmerli P, Evans TR. A phase II study of capecitabine and oxaliplatin combination chemotherapy in patients with inoperable adenocarcinoma of the gall bladder or biliary tract. BMC Res Notes 9: 161, 2016

Guest RV, Boulter L, Dwyer BJ, Kendall TJ, Man TY, Minnis-Lyons SE, Lu WY, Robson AJ, Gonzalez SF, Raven A, Wojtacha D, Morton JP, Komuta M, Roskams T, Wigmore SJ, Sansom OJ, Forbes SJ. Notch3 drives development and progression of cholangiocarcinoma. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 113: 12250-5, 2016

Jamieson D, Griffin MJ, Sludden J, Drew Y, Cresti N, Swales K, Merriman M, Allen R, Bevan P, Buerkle M, Mala C, Coyle V, Rodgers L, Dean E, Greystoke A, Banerji U, Wilson RH, Evans TR, Anthoney A, Ranson M, Boddy AV, Plummer R. A phase I pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic study of the oral mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase (MEK) inhibitor, WX-554, in patients with advanced solid tumours. Eur J Cancer 68: 1-10, 2016

Milojkovic Kerklaan B, Slater S, Flynn M, Greystoke A, Witteveen PO, Megui-Roelvink M, de Vos F, Dean E, Reyderman L, Ottesen L, Ranson M, Lolkema MP, Plummer R, Kristeleit R, Evans TR, Schellens JH. A phase I, dose escalation, pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic, and food-effect study of alpha2 integrin inhibitor E7820 in patients with advanced solid tumors. Invest New Drugs 34: 329-37, 2016

Propper D, Jones K, Anthoney DA, Mansoor W, Ford D, Eatock M, Agarwal R, Inatani M, Saito T, Abe M, Evans TR. Phase II study of TP300 in patients with advanced gastric or gastro-oesophageal junction adenocarcinoma. BMC Cancer 16: 779, 2016

Soria JC, Gan HK, Blagden SP, Plummer R, Arkenau HT, Ranson M, Evans TR, Zalcman G, Bahleda R, Hollebecque A, Lemech C, Dean E, Brown J, Gibson D, Peddareddigari V, Murray S, Nebot N, Mazumdar J, Swartz L, Auger KR Fleming RA, Singh R, Millward M. A phase I, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic study of GSK2256098, a focal adhesion kinase inhibitor, in patients with advanced solid tumors. Ann Oncol 27: 2268-74, 2016

Steele CW, Karim SA, Leach JD, Bailey P, Upstill-Goddard R, Rishi L, Foth M, Bryson S, McDaid K, Wilson Z, Eberlein C, Candido JB, Clarke M, Nixon C, Connelly J, Jamieson N, Carter CR, Balkwill F, Chang DK, Evans TR, Strathdee D, Biankin AV, Nibbs RJ, Barry ST, Sansom OJ, Morton JP. CXCR2 inhibition profoundly suppresses metastases and augments immunotherapy in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. Cancer Cell 29: 832-45, 2016

Zhu AX, Kang YK, Rosmorduc O, Evans TR, Santoro A, Ross P, Gane E, Vogel A, Jeffers M, Meinhardt G, Pena CE. Biomarker analyses of clinical outcomes in patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma treated with sorafenib with or without erlotinib in the SEARCH trial. Clin Cancer Res 22: 4870-9, 2016

Other Publications
Aparicio T, Zaanan A, Mary F, Afchain P, Manfredi S, Evans TR. Small bowel adenocarcinoma. Gastroenterol Clin North Am 45: 447-57, 2016

Bilsland AE, Spiliopoulou P, Evans TR. Virotherapy: Cancer gene therapy at last? F1000Res 2016 Aug 30;5. pii: F1000 Faculty Rev-2105. doi: 10.12688/f1000research.8211.1. eCollection 2016.


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