Student prizes

Congratulations to Linda Julian, from Mike Olson's lab, who won second prize for her talk at the 8th International PhD Student Cancer Conference held at the DFKZ in Heidelberg last week.

And to Cassie Clarke, a student in Jim Norman's group, who was awarded this year's JP Award in recognition of her excellent third year talk on RNA polymerase III, ECM remodelling and cell migration.

All third year PhD students at the Beatson are eligible for this award, named after Dr John Paul, the founding Director of the Beatson Institute. Candidates prepare a progress report on their work, and give a talk to staff and other students.

Recent grant awards, June 2014

Cancer Research UK Drug Discovery Project Grant entitled 'Targeting Acetyl CoA Synthetase (ACSS2) and in vivo probing of acetate metabolism in the treatment and diagnosis of colon, breast and prostate cancer' to Zach Shug and Eyal Gottlieb

Breast Cancer Campaign Pilot Grant entitled 'Investigating MCL-1 as a prognostic marker and drug target in breast cancer' to Karen Blyth and Kirsteen Campbell

Award from Barth Syndrome Foundation

Congratulations to Douglas Strathdee, Head of Transgenic Technology at the Beatson, who has been awarded almost $50,000 over two years by the Barth Syndrome Foundation to develop an accurate in vivo model of Barth Syndrome. This rare X-linked genetic disease is characterised by cardiomyopathy, growth delay, muscle hypoplasia, neutropenia and extreme fatigue. More details of the project can be found here.

Drug Discovery meets Hit Girl

Kate Gill from Drug Discovery has been helping promote this year's CR-UK Race for Life by taking part in a photocall at Scotstoun Leisure Centre with the film character Hit Girl.

See STV's website for more details:

Congratulations to...

Simone Cardaci, a postdoc with Eyal Gottlieb, who has been awarded a FEBS Fellowship to study cancer metabolism and Ang Li, from Laura Machesky's group, who has won a prestigious Jane Coffin Childs Postdoctoral Fellowship to join Elaine Fuchs' lab in New York.


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