Molecular Pathology


Translational research often requires high quality human tissue samples, which are collected with full patient consent and accompanying clinical, pathological and follow-up information.

In Glasgow, such tissue samples are collected, stored and distributed to researchers by the Bio-Repository, within Clinical Pathology. This resource is funded by the NHS, Chief Scientist’s Office and CR-UK (via the Glasgow ECMC), and its importance to research has been underscored by our successful application to join CR-UK’s Stratified Medicine Programme as one of the seven designated ‘collection hubs’ in the UK. This is led by Karin Oien and Jane Hair (Clinical Pathology) in collaboration with NHS consultant pathologists, Glasgow ECMC and NHS R&D (Roma Armstrong).

The ultimate vision of the Stratified Medicine Programme is to develop a molecular diagnostics service within the NHS that delivers high quality, cost effective tests for patients, with routine consent for the collection and research use of population-scale genetic and outcome data. This will increase our understanding of the genetic basis of cancer development and progression, and facilitate the development of a stratified medicine/personalised medicine approach to patient selection for treatment.



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