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One of the main challenges that we face in treating cancer is the likelihood that, at the time of diagnosis, malignant cells have already left the primary tumour and spread to other organs. Thus, even following complete removal of the primary tumour, disseminated cells can reside within 'metastatic niches' only to reappear later as metastasis.

A substantial donation from Ms Annie McNab to the CRUK Beatson Institute has enabled us to establish a new Centre for Cancer Innovation in Glasgow to address this significant challenge to effective cancer treatment. The McNab Centre for Cancer Innovation, which is led by Prof Ross Cagan, Prof Jim Norman and Dr Chiara Braconi, is a laboratory that focuses on the development and application of new technologies to identify and target the vulnerabilities of cancers once they have spread from the primary site to a metastatic one. We are developing bioengineered human tissues and other technologies—including mouse and Drosophila models—to recapitulate the microenvironments that are encountered in the liver, bone, and lungs by metastatic cancers. We will combine these approaches with state-of-the-art screening and chemical evolution to develop new leads for drugs to treat metastasis to these organs.

We welcome applications from bright and ambitious scientists for the following positions that have recently become available within the McNab Centre, which will be based in the Institute of Cancer Sciences and CRUK Beatson Institute, Glasgow.



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