Beatson Advanced Imaging Resource (BAIR)


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Dr Leo Carlin

Head of BAIR Facility


Beatson Advanced Imaging Resource (BAIR) scientists, headed by Leo Carlin, work closely with the Institute's researchers to uncover and interrogate important molecular pathways in cancer. We train scientists in all stages of modern imaging research from advice on sample preparation, basic and advanced microscope operation and data acquisition through to quantitative image analysis and interpretation.

We have a wide range of specialised microscopes within the facility that provide users with the flexibility to approach their research using a diverse range of applications. For example: users have access to a variety of confocal and widefield microscopes, super-resolution microscopes, high-content screening, in vivo imaging systems, and equipment for advanced techniques such as TIRF, FLIM/FRET and Multiphoton imaging.

Leo Carlin also leads the Leukocyte Dynamics group.

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MontageImage Credits - Top Left: Frederic Fercoq, Top Right: Nikki R. Paul, Bottom Left: Sophie Claydon, Bottom Right: Ed Roberts


Group members

Margaret O'Prey

Confocal Microscopy
Widefied Microscopy
Super-resolution Microscopy
BAIR Administration

oprey margaret

Peter Thomason

Confocal Microscopy
Widefied Microscopy
Super-resolution Microscopy
BAIR Administration


David Strachan

Timelapse Microscopy and Incucytes
Image Analysis
Omero and BAIR Scheduler

Strachan David

Ewan McGhee

In vivo imaging
Multiphoton Microscopy

McGhee Ewan

Lynn McGarry

High Content Screening
Screening Image Analysis
Machine Learning

mcgarry lynn

John Halpin

Image Analysis
Machine Learning

John pic

Nikki Paul

Advanced Application Development
Image Analysis


paul nikki


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