Translational Molecular Imaging


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 Dr David Lewis

Head of Translational Molecular Imaging Facility

The Translational Molecular Imaging (TMI) centre, headed by Dr David Lewis, advances novel imaging technologies and acts as a shared resource for Beatson Institute and Glasgow Cancer Centre researchers serving as a hub for emerging imaging research and technology.

The TMI operates over two sites: the CRUK Beatson Institute at the Garscube campus and the West of Scotland PET Centre at Beatson West of scotland Cancer Centre. The state-of-the-art facilities and equipment include access to a GE cyclotron, dedicated research radiosynthesizers, a small-animal PET/MRI facility and two clinical GE Discovery Time-of-Flight PET/CT scanners. Within the TMI there is expertise in several key areas of imaging, which is further supported by a wide network of expert collaborators. The TMI drives collaborative imaging research across this network making the best available imaging technologies and expertise available to all preclinical and clinical researchers. The focus is on developing and applying innovative imaging technologies such as new PET radiotracers and MRI methodology, which can aid in the visualisation, measurement and understanding of cancer biology. The goal is to answer basic scientific questions and clinically translate novel imaging technology for improving the molecular diagnosis of cancer, a current area of unmet need.

Projects in the TMI range from standard imaging studies where access to technology is facilitated and users are guided in applications such as preclinical tumour screening and assessment of treatment response to much wider scale projects where the TMI acts as a collaborative partner in the production and validation of novel imaging agents, the development of novel pharmacodynamic biomarkers and in vivo molecular phenotyping. The unique opportunity at the Beatson is to guide collaborative research using the world-class cancer models at the Institute and to use those models to develop clinical imaging biomarkers for novel applications such as improved tumour classification, patient stratification and personalised cancer therapy.

David Lewis also leads the Molecular Imaging research group.


Other funding:

Beatson Cancer Charity, Beatson Endowment

Lab Report

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Key Publications

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Recent Publications


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Group Members

Lewis lab 2020 135


David Lewis

Staff Scientist

Gaurav Malviya

Scientific Officers

Emma Johnson
Agata Mrowinska

PET Chemists

Gavin Brown (Beatson Cancer Charity/Beatson Endowment)
Dmitry Soloviev (Beatson Cancer Charity/Beatson Endowment)

Medical Physicist

Caroline Findlay (Beatson Cancer Charity/Beatson Endowment)


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