David Bryant awarded UKRI-funded Future Leaders Fellowship

From University of Glasgow press release (https://www.gla.ac.uk/news/headline_757602_en.html:

Dr David Bryant has been awarded £1.2m to undertake new research into colorectal carcinoma, beginning the OrgTIP project which will look at how inhibiting Phosphoinositide-modifying enzymes (PIP-MEs) could help to combat the disease. PIP-MEs are a family of genes that are commonly altered in many cancers, but particularly in bowel cancer. In bowel cancer, the PIP-MEs become uncontrolled to the extent they no longer work, or work when they shouldn't. The OrgTIP project will look at how to target the altered PIP-MEs without damaging normal cells.

Dr Bryant will also work with a biotechnology industry company partner to provide tools for the entire research community to develop new ways to combat cancer.

Dr Bryant said: "Bowel carcinoma is the 4th most common cancer in the UK, accounting for 1 out of 10 deaths from any type of cancer. While 6 out of 10 patients will respond well to current therapies, the rest will not respond to treatment. These non-responding patients have a very poor outlook and we therefore urgently need to develop new therapies to treat these patients. We hope targeting PIP-MEs may provide a new viable treatment option that may help those patients. "


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