New CRUK Scotland Centre announced

From April, Scotland will become one of seven Cancer Research UK Centres across the UK. The funding provided will help translate cutting-edge discoveries from laboratories in Edinburgh and Glasgow, including those at the Beatson, into direct benefits for cancer patients.

The joint Centre will have six tumour-specific research themes, based on cancer types that profoundly affect the Scottish population (bowel, liver and pancreas cancer, and mesothelioma) or in which there is a growing expertise in Scotland (brain and women's cancer). Underpinning this work will be state-of-the-art infrastructure, particularly in model systems, pathology and advanced imaging, that will ensure a translational pipeline from basic science to the clinic remains open and available to all.

Crucially, the Centre will also make best use of the Scottish clinical 'cancer environment' and data – both its provision and analysis – will be central to enabling the Centre to link real-world cancer patients and their information to research into the biology of disease progression and response, focused prevention and early detection initiatives, experimental medicine projects and preclinical studies.

Together, by maximising the value of its clinical and scientific resources, the CRUK Scotland Centre will benefit Scottish patients and CRUK's mission to prevent cancer and improve 10-year survival rates to 75% by 2034.

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