Prof Owen Sansom FRSE, FMEDSci - Colorectal Cancer and Wnt Signalling



Colorectal cancer (CRC)—the third most common cancer in the UK and the second leading cause of cancer mortality—is a heterogeneous disease comprising distinct molecular subgroups that differ in their histopathological features, prognosis, and response to therapy. Despite advances in the detection and treatment of early-stage disease, patients with advanced, recurrent, or metastatic CRCs have few therapeutic options and a dismal prognosis. Utilising state-of-the-art preclinical models harbouring key driver mutations, our group is interrogating the molecular mechanisms underpinning CRC initiation, progression, response to therapy, and metastasis. Our overarching goals are to identify early-stage diagnostic biomarkers and develop stage- and subtype-specific targeted therapies.
As part of these efforts, we are major contributors to a number of large cancer consortia, with the aim of driving more effective therapeutic approaches in colorectal cancer. Our group leads a Europe-wide, CRUK-funded consortium of basic, translational, and clinical scientists (ACRCelerate—Colorectal Cancer Stratified Medicine Network) to identify new therapeutic targets for the different CRC subtypes and deliver molecular insights with the potential to inform clinical decision-making and patient stratification. Similarly, through participation in the CRUK Grand Challenge Rosetta consortium, we are working to therapeutically exploit the altered metabolic dependencies of oncogene-addicted CRCs, and determine how distinct tumour metabolic profiles can confer resistance or predict sensitivity to standard-of-care or novel targeted therapies. Moreover, as a key contributor to the CRUK Grand Challenge SpecifiCancer consortium, we are employing transcriptional, epigenetic, and proteomic approaches to understand why there are tissue- and cell type-specific differences in the response to oncogenic mutations, with the aim of developing methods to suppress the impact of these mutations in cancer.
In addition, we are partnering with a number of leading industry innovator to accelerate the path from bench to bedside. For example, in partnership with Novartis, we are working towards the development of novel KRAS inhibitors, to address a pressing clinical need in colorectal cancer.

Want to find out more about Professor Sansom's work?

Read about his 2009 Nature paper on the CRUK science blog and listen to him talking about bowel cancer stem cells.

See a Google Hangout on the subject of red meat and cancer featuring Owen Sansom and Kathryn Bradbury from the University of Oxford:​

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Lab Report

Key Publications

Jackstadt R, van Hooff SR, Leach JD, Cortes-Lavaud X, Lohuis JO, Ridgway RA, Wouters VM, Roper J, Kendall TJ, Roxburgh CS, Horgan PG, Nixon C, Nourse C, Gunzer M, Clark W, Hedley A, Yilmaz OH, Rashid M, Bailey P, Biankin AV, Campbell AD, Adams DJ, Barry ST, Steele CW, Medema JP, Sansom OJ. Epithelial NOTCH Signaling Rewires the Tumor Microenvironment of Colorectal Cancer to Drive Poor-Prognosis Subtypes and Metastasis. Cancer cell. 2019; 36: 319-336.e317.

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Morton JP, Timpson P, Karim SA, Ridgway RA, Athineos D, Doyle B, Jamieson NB, Oien KA, Lowy AM, Brunton VG, Frame MC, Evans TR, Sansom OJ. Mutant p53 drives metastasis and overcomes growth arrest/senescence in pancreatic cancer. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2010; 107: 246-51

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Sansom OJ, Reed KR, Hayes AJ, Ireland H, Brinkmann H, Newton IP, Batlle E, Simon-Assmann P, Clevers H, Nathke IS, Clarke AR, Winton DJ. Loss of Apc in vivo immediately perturbs Wnt signaling, differentiation, and migration. Genes Dev. 2004; 18: 1385-90


Education and qualifications

2002: PhD, University of Edinburgh, Supervisors Alan Clarke and Andrew Wylie
1997: MRes, Biology, University of Manchester
1996: BSc, Genetics (First Class Honours), University of Nottingham


2017-present: Director, CRUK Beatson Institute, Glasgow
2011-2017 Deputy Director, CRUK Beatson Institute, Glasgow
2005-present: Group Leader, CRUK Beatson Institute, Glasgow
2000-2005: Postdoctoral Fellow with Alan Clarke, University of Cardiff

Current committee membership

NC3Rs Student Panel
CRUK Programme Grants interviewer
CRUK Drug Discovery Panel
North West Cancer Research Panel
CRUK Pancreatic Cancer Strategy Panel
Advisory Board, MRC Toxicology Unit, Leicester
Advisory Board, Center for Personalized Cancer Therapeutics, Mount Sinai
Advisory Board, Centre of Excellence in Translational Cancer Biology, Academy of Finland
Editorial Board, Disease Models and Mechanisms
Organising Committee, NCRI Cancer Conference, Liverpool

Honours and awards

Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, 2017
CRUK Future Leaders in Cancer Research Prize, 2012
Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 2012
BACR/AstraZeneca Young Scientist Frank Rose Award, 2007

Recent Publications


Chen F, Gurler SB, Novo D, Selli C, Alferez DG, Eroglu S, Pavlou K, Zhang J, Sims AH, Humphreys NE, Adamson A, Campbell A, Sansom OJ, Tournier C, Clarke RB, Brennan K, Streuli CH, Ucar A. RAC1B function is essential for breast cancer stem cell maintenance and chemoresistance of breast tumor cells. Oncogene. 2023;10.1038/s41388-022-02574-6.


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Lab Members

Sansom lab 003 cropped

Associate Scientist

Andrew Campbell

Postdoctoral Scientists

Constantinos Alexandrou
Holly Brunton
Patricia Centeno
Nuray Gunduz
Andrew Hartley
Georgios Kanellos
Tamsin Lannagan
Noha Mohamed
Nadia Nasreddin
Alexander Raven
Susanti Susanti
Johan Vande Voorde
Nikola Vlahov

Principal Scientific Officer

Rachel Ridgway

Scientific Officers

Abdullah Alyamani
John Falconer
Catriona Ford
Kathryn Gilroy
Tam Jamieson
Megan Mills
Lucas Zeiger

Clinical Research Fellows

Michael Gillespie
Narthana Ilenkovan
Mark White

PhD Students

Ella Gilchrist
Wing Yu Ho
Laura Millett
Reshmi Nair
Teena Thakur (joint with Ross Cagan)

Science Writer

Nathalie Sphyris


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