Recent publications

January 2022

Barthet VJA, Mrschtik M, Kania E, McEwan DG, Croft D, O'Prey J, Long JS, Ryan KM. DRAM-4 and DRAM-5 are compensatory regulators of autophagy and cell survival in nutrient-deprived conditions. Febs j. 2022;10.1111/febs.16365.

Blomme A, Peter C, Mui E, Rodriguez Blanco G, An N, Mason LM, Jamieson LE, McGregor GH, Lilla S, Ntala C, Patel R, Thiry M, Kung SHY, Leclercq M, Ford CA, Rushworth LK, McGarry DJ, Mason S, Repiscak P, Nixon C, Salji MJ, Markert E, MacKay GM, Kamphorst JJ, Graham D, Faulds K, Fazli L, Gleave ME, Avezov E, Edwards J, Yin H, Sumpton D, Blyth K, Close P, Murphy DJ, Zanivan S, Leung HY. THEM6-mediated reprogramming of lipid metabolism supports treatment resistance in prostate cancer. EMBO Molecular Medicine. 2022;

Nakasone MA, Majorek KA, Gabrielsen M, Sibbet GJ, Smith BO, Huang DT. Structure of UBE2K–Ub/E3/polyUb reveals mechanisms of K48-linked Ub chain extension. Nature Chemical Biology. 2022.

Ryan KM. In the spotlight: Julio Celis, the Founding Editor of Molecular Oncology. Mol Oncol. 2022;16(1):3-7.

December 2021

Knight JR, Vlahov N, Gay DM, Ridgway RA, Faller WJ, Proud C, Mallucci GR, von der Haar T, Smales CM, Willis AE, Sansom OJ. Rpl24(Bst) mutation suppresses colorectal cancer by promoting eEF2 phosphorylation via eEF2K. Elife. 2021;10.

November 2021

Bader AS, Bushell M. iMUT-seq: high-resolution mapping of DSB mutational landscapes reveals new insights into the mutagenic mechanisms of DSB repair. bioRxiv. 2021:2021.2012.2008.471781.

Bock FJ, Sedov E, Koren E, Koessinger AL, Cloix C, Zerbst D, Athineos D, Anand J, Campbell KJ, Blyth K, Fuchs Y, Tait SWG. Apoptotic stress-induced FGF signalling promotes non-cell autonomous resistance to cell death. Nat Commun. 2021 Nov 12;12(1):6572.

Marco S, Neilson M, Moore M, Perez-Garcia A, Hall H, Mitchell L, Lilla S, Blanco GR, Hedley A, Zanivan S, Norman JC. Nuclear-capture of endosomes depletes nuclear G-actin to promote SRF/MRTF activation and cancer cell invasion. Nat Commun. 2021 Nov 24;12(1):6829.

Machesky LM, Insall RH. WAVE complex regulation by force. Nat Cell Biol. 2021; 23:1111–1112

McEwan DG, Ryan KM. ATG2 and VPS13 proteins: molecular highways transporting lipids to drive membrane expansion and organelle communication. FEBS J. 2021

October 2021

Bader AS, Luessing J, Hawley BR, Skalka GL, Lu W-T, Lowndes NF, Bushell M. DDX17 is required for efficient DSB repair at DNA:RNA hybrid deficient loci. bioRxiv. 2021:2021.2010.2014.464298.

Gillen SL, Giacomelli C, Hodge K, Zanivan S, Bushell M, Wilczynska A. Differential regulation of mRNA fate by the human Ccr4-Not complex is driven by coding sequence composition and mRNA localization. Genome Biol. 2021;22:284.

Rabas N, Palmer S, Mitchell L, Ismail S, Gohlke A, Riley JS, Tait SWG, Gammage P, Soares LL, Macpherson IR, Norman JC. PINK1 drives production of mtDNA-containing extracellular vesicles to promote invasiveness. J Cell Biol. 2021;220:e202006049

Singh SP, Thomason P, Insall R. Extracellular signalling modulates Scar/WAVE complex activity through Abi phosphorylation. bioRxiv. 2021;10.1101/2021.10.09.462405:2021.2010.2009.462405.

Watt DM, Morton JP. Heterogeneity in Pancreatic Cancer Fibroblasts-TGFβ as a Master Regulator? Cancers (Basel). 2021; 13:4984

September 2021

Cao K, Riley JS, Cloix C, Elmasry Y, Ichim G, Campbell KJ, Tait SW. Mitochondrial dynamics regulate genome stability via control of caspase-dependent DNA damage. bioRxiv. 2021; 10.1101/2021.09.13.460067:2021.2009.2013.460067.

Gillen SL, Waldron JA, Bushell M. Codon optimality in cancer. Oncogene. 2021; 40:6309–6320

Kay EJ, Koulouras G, Zanivan S. Regulation of Extracellular Matrix Production in Activated Fibroblasts: Roles of Amino Acid Metabolism in Collagen Synthesis. Front Oncol. 2021;11:719922.

Kay EJ, Zanivan S. Two opposing sub-populations of fibroblasts decide progression of pancreatic cancer. Cancer Cell. 2021; 39:1175-1177.

August 2021

Grosso S, Marini A, Gyuraszova K, Voorde JV, Sfakianos A, Garland GD, Tenor AR, Mordue R, Chernova T, Morone N, Sereno M, Smith CP, Officer L, Farahmand P, Rooney C, Sumpton D, Das M, Teodósio A, Ficken C, Martin MG, Spriggs RV, Sun XM, Bushell M, Sansom OJ, Murphy D, MacFarlane M, Le Quesne JPC, Willis AE. The pathogenesis of mesothelioma is driven by a dysregulated translatome. Nat Commun. 2021;12:4920. 

Hodgson JA, Parvy JP, Yu Y, Vidal M, Cordero JB. Drosophila Larval Models of Invasive Tumorigenesis for In Vivo Studies on Tumour/Peripheral Host Tissue Interactions during Cancer Cachexia. Int J Mol Sci. 2021;22:8317

Kiourtis C, Wilczynska A, Nixon C, Clark W, May S, Bird TG. Specificity and off-target effects of AAV8-TBG viral vectors for the manipulation of hepatocellular gene expression in mice. Biol Open. 2021; 10 (9): bio058678

Ntala C, Salji M, Salmond J, Officer L, Teodosio AV, Blomme A, McGhee EJ, Powley I, Ahmad I, Kruithof-de Julio M, Thalmann G, Roberts E, Goodyear CS, Jamaspishvili T, Berman DM, Carlin LM, Le Quesne J, Leung HY. Analysis of Prostate Cancer Tumor Microenvironment Identifies Reduced Stromal CD4 Effector T-cell Infiltration in Tumors with Pelvic Nodal Metastasis. Eur Urol Open Sci. 2021;29:19-29. 

Campbell KJ, Leung HY. Evasion of cell death: A contributory factor in prostate cancer development and treatment resistance. Cancer Lett. 2021;520:213-221.

Kay EJ, Zanivan S. Metabolic pathways fuelling protumourigenic cancer-associated fibroblast functions. Current Opinion in Systems Biology. 2021;28:100377.

July 2021

Edwards SC, Hedley A, Hoevenaar WHM, Glauner T, Wiesheu R, Kilbey A, Shaw R, Boufea K, Batada N, Blyth K, Miller C, Kirschner K, Coffelt SB. Single-cell analysis uncovers differential regulation of lung γδ T cell subsets by the co-inhibitory molecules, PD-1 and TIM-3. bioRxiv. 2021.

Mackey JBG, McFarlane AJ, Jamieson T, Jackstadt R, Raffo-Iraolagoitia XL, Secklehner J, Cortes-Lavaud X, Fercoq F, Clarke W, Hedley A, Gilroy K, Lilla S, Vuononvirta J, Graham GJ, De Filippo K, Murphy DJ, Steele CW, Norman JC, Bird TG, Mann DA, Morton JP, Zanivan S, Sansom OJ, Carlin LM. Maturation, developmental site, and pathology dictate murine neutrophil function. bioRxiv. 2021.

June 2021

Bader AS, Bushell M. Damage-Net: A program for DNA repair meta-analysis identifies a network of novel repair genes that facilitate cancer evolution. DNA Repair (Amst). 2021;105:103158. 

Barthet VJA, Brucoli M, Ladds M, Nössing C, Kiourtis C, Baudot AD, O'Prey J, Zunino B, Müller M, May S, Nixon C, Long JS, Bird TG, Ryan KM. Autophagy suppresses the formation of hepatocyte-derived cancer-initiating ductular progenitor cells in the liver. Sci Adv. 2021; 7: eabf9141

Clement KD, Day L, Rooney H, Neilson M, Birrell F, Salji M, Norman E, Clark R, Patel A, Morrison J, Leung HY. Developing a coordinate-based strategy to support cognitive targeted prostate biopsies and correlative spatial-histopathological outcome analysis. Asian J Androl. 2021;23:231-235

Dayal JHS, Mason SM, Salas-Alanis JC, McGrath JA, Taylor RG, Mellerio JE, Blyth K, South AP, Inman GJ. Heterogeneous addiction to transforming growth factor-beta signalling in recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa-associated cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma. Br J Dermatol. 2021;184:697-708.

Flanagan DJ, Pentinmikko N, Luopajärvi K, Willis NJ, Gilroy K, Raven AP, McGarry L, Englund JI, Webb AT, Scharaw S, Nasreddin N, Hodder MC, Ridgway RA, Minnee E, Sphyris N, Gilchrist E, Najumudeen AK, Romagnolo B, Perret C, Williams AC, Clevers H, Nummela P, Lähde M, Alitalo K, Hietakangas V, Hedley A, Clark W, Nixon C, Kirschner K, Jones EY, Ristimäki A, Leedham SJ, Fish PV, Vincent JP, Katajisto P, Sansom OJ. NOTUM from Apc-mutant cells biases clonal competition to initiate cancer. Nature. 2021;594(7863):430-435.

Koessinger AL, Koessinger D, Kinch K, Martínez-Escardó L, Paul NR, Elmasry Y, Malviya G, Cloix C, Campbell KJ, Bock FJ, O’Prey J, Stevenson K, Nixon C, Jackson MR, Ichim G, Stewart W, Blyth K, Ryan KM, Chalmers AJ, Norman JC, Tait SW. Increased apoptotic priming of glioblastoma enables therapeutic targeting by BH3-mimetics. bioRxiv. 2021.

Le AH, Yelland T, Paul NR, Fort L, Nikolaou S, Ismail S, Machesky LM. CYRI-A limits invasive migration through macropinosome formation and integrin uptake regulation. J Cell Biol. 2021;220. 

Leach JDG, Vlahov N, Tsantoulis P, Ridgway RA, Flanagan DJ, Gilroy K, Sphyris N, Vázquez EG, Vincent DF, Faller WJ, Hodder MC, Raven A, Fey S, Najumudeen AK, Strathdee D, Nixon C, Hughes M, Clark W, Shaw R, van Hooff SR, Huels DJ, Medema JP, Barry ST, Frame MC, Unciti-Broceta A, Leedham SJ, Inman GJ, Jackstadt R, Thompson BJ, Campbell AD, Tejpar S, Sansom OJ. Oncogenic BRAF, unrestrained by TGFβ-receptor signalling, drives right-sided colonic tumorigenesis. Nat Commun. 2021;12:3464. 

Nászai M, Bellec K, Yu Y, Román-Fernández A, Sandilands E, Johansson J, Campbell AD, Norman JC, Sansom OJ, Bryant DM, Cordero JB. RAL GTPases mediate EGFR-driven intestinal stem cell proliferation and tumourigenesis. Elife. 2021;10:e63807

May 2021

Bilsland AE, McAulay K, West R, Pugliese A, Bower J. Automated Generation of Novel Fragments Using Screening Data, a Dual SMILES Autoencoder, Transfer Learning and Syntax Correction. J Chem Inf Model. 2021; 61: 2547–2559

Knight JRP, Alexandrou C, Skalka GL, Vlahov N, Pennel K, Officer L, Teodosio A, Kanellos G, Gay DM, May-Wilson S, Smith EM, Najumudeen AK, Gilroy K, Ridgway RA, Flanagan DJ, Smith RCL, McDonald L, MacKay C, Cheasty A, McArthur K, Stanway E, Leach JDG, Jackstadt R, Waldron JA, Campbell AD, Vlachogiannis G, Valeri N, Haigis KM, Sonenberg N, Proud CG, Jones NP, Swarbrick ME, McKinnon HJ, Faller WJ, Le Quesne J, Edwards J, Willis AE, Bushell M, Sansom OJ. MNK inhibition sensitizes KRAS-mutant colorectal cancer to mTORC1 inhibition by reducing eIF4E phosphorylation and c-MYC expression. Cancer discovery. 2021; 11:1228-1247

Martinez RS, Salji MJ, Rushworth L, Ntala C, Rodriguez Blanco G, Hedley A, Clark W, Peixoto P, Hervouet E, Renaude E, Kung SHY, Galbraith LCA, Nixon C, Lilla S, Mackay GM, Fazli L, Gaughan L, Sumpton D, Gleave ME, Zanivan S, Blomme A, Leung HY. SLFN5 regulates LAT1-mediated mTOR activation in castration-resistant prostate cancer. Cancer Res. 2021; 81:3664-3678

Perochon J, Yu Y, Aughey GN, Medina AB, Southall TD, Cordero JB. Dynamic adult tracheal plasticity drives stem cell adaptation to changes in intestinal homeostasis in Drosophila. Nat Cell Biol. 2021; 23: 485–496

April 2021

Campbell KJ, Mason SM, Winder ML, Willemsen RBE, Cloix C, Lawson H, Rooney N, Dhayade S, Sims AH, Blyth K, Tait SWG. Breast cancer dependence on MCL-1 is due to its canonical anti-apoptotic function. Cell Death Differ. 2021; 28:pages 2589–2600

Cangiano M, Grudniewska M, Salji MJ, Nykter M, Jenster G, Urbanucci A, Granchi Z, Janssen B, Hamilton G, Leung HY, Beumer IJ. Gene Regulation Network Analysis on Human Prostate Orthografts Highlights a Potential Role for the JMJD6 Regulon in Clinical Prostate Cancer. Cancers (Basel). 2021;13: 2094

Gorelick AN, Kim M, Chatila WK, La K, Hakimi AA, Berger MF, Taylor BS, Gammage PA, Reznik E. Respiratory complex and tissue lineage drive recurrent mutations in tumour mtDNA. Nat Metab. 2021;3:558-570. 

Rosenfeldt MT, O'Prey J, Lindsay CR, Nixon C, Roth S, Sansom OJ, Ryan KM. Loss of autophagy affects melanoma development in a manner dependent on PTEN status. Cell Death Differ. 2021;28:1437-1439. 

March 2021

Galbraith LCA, Mui E, Nixon C, Hedley A, Strachan D, MacKay G, Sumpton D, Sansom OJ, Leung HY, Ahmad I. PPAR-gamma induced AKT3 expression increases levels of mitochondrial biogenesis driving prostate cancer. Oncogene. 2021;40:2355-2366. 

Müller M, May S, Bird TG. Ploidy dynamics increase the risk of liver cancer initiation. Nat Commun. 2021;12:1896. 

Nacke M, Sandilands E, Nikolatou K, Román-Fernández Á, Mason S, Patel R, Lilla S, Yelland T, Galbraith LCA, Freckmann EC, McGarry L, Morton JP, Shanks E, Leung HY, Markert E, Ismail S, Zanivan S, Blyth K, Bryant DM. An ARF GTPase module promoting invasion and metastasis through regulating phosphoinositide metabolism. Nat Commun. 2021;12:1623. 

Swaminathan K, Campbell A, Papalazarou V, Jaber-Hijazi F, Nixon C, McGhee E, Strathdee D, Sansom OJ, Machesky LM. The RAC1 target NCKAP1 plays a crucial role in progression of BRAF/PTEN -driven melanoma in mice. J Invest Dermatol. 2021; 141: 628-637

Yelland T, Le AH, Nikolaou S, Insall R, Machesky L, Ismail S. Structural Basis of CYRI-B Direct Competition with Scar/WAVE Complex for Rac1. Structure. 2021;29: 226-237

Roca-Portoles A, Tait SWG. Mitochondrial quality control: from molecule to organelle. Cell Mol Life Sci. 2021; 78:3853–3866

February 2021

Ahmed SF, Buetow L, Gabrielsen M, Lilla S, Sibbet GJ, Sumpton D, Zanivan S, Hedley A, Clark W, Huang DT. E3 ligase-inactivation rewires CBL interactome to elicit oncogenesis by hijacking RTK-CBL-CIN85 axis. Oncogene. 2021;40:2149-2164. 

Knight JRP, Sansom OJ. Tuning protein synthesis for cancer therapy. Mol Cell Oncol. 2021;8:1884034. 

Sphyris N, Hodder MC, Sansom OJ. Subversion of Niche-Signalling Pathways in Colorectal Cancer: What Makes and Breaks the Intestinal Stem Cell. Cancers (Basel). 2021;13: 1000

January 2021

ElMaghloob Y, Sot B, McIlwraith MJ, Garcia E, Yelland T, Ismail S. ARL3 activation requires the co-GEF BART and effector-mediated turnover. Elife. 2021 Jan 13; 10:e64624. 

Humpton TJ, Nomura K, Weber J, Magnussen HM, Hock AK, Nixon C, Dhayade S, Stevenson D, Huang DT, Strathdee D, Blyth K, Vousden KH. Differential requirements for MDM2 E3 activity during embryogenesis and in adult mice. Genes Dev. 2021;35:117-132. 

Latif AL, Newcombe A, Li S, Gilroy K, Robertson NA, Lei X, Stewart HJS, Cole J, Terradas MT, Rishi L, McGarry L, McKeeve C, Reid C, Clark W, Campos J, Kirschner K, Davis A, Lopez J, Sakamaki JI, Morton JP, et al. BRD4-mediated repression of p53 is a target for combination therapy in AML. Nat Commun. 2021;12:241. 

Magnussen HM, Huang DT. Identification of a catalytic active but non-aggregating MDM2 RING domain variant. J Mol Biol. 2021;Jan 12:166807.

Najumudeen AK, Ceteci F, Fey SK, Hamm G, Steven RT, Hall H, Nikula CJ, Dexter A, Murta T, Race AM, Sumpton D, Vlahov N, Gay DM, Knight JRP, Jackstadt R, Leach JDG, Ridgway RA, Johnson ER, Nixon C, Hedley A, et al. The amino acid transporter SLC7A5 is required for efficient growth of KRAS-mutant colorectal cancer. Nat Genet. 2021;53:16-26. 

Pickering KA, Gilroy K, Cassidy JW, Fey SK, Najumudeen AK, Zeiger LB, Vincent DF, Gay DM, Johansson J, Fordham RP, Miller B, Clark W, Hedley A, Unal EB, Kiel C, McGhee E, Machesky LM, Nixon C, Johnsson AE, Bain M, et al. A RAC-GEF network critical for early intestinal tumourigenesis. Nat Commun. 2021;12:56. 

Smith EM, Benbahouche NEH, Morris K, Wilczynska A, Gillen S, Schmidt T, Meijer HA, Jukes-Jones R, Cain K, Jones C, Stoneley M, Waldron JA, Bell C, Fonseca BD, Blagden S, Willis AE, Bushell M. The mTOR regulated RNA-binding protein LARP1 requires PABPC1 for guided mRNA interaction. Nucleic Acids Res. 2021;49:458-478. 

Tajan M, Hennequart M, Cheung EC, Zani F, Hock AK, Legrave N, Maddocks ODK, Ridgway RA, Athineos D, Suárez-Bonnet A, Ludwig RL, Novellasdemunt L, Angelis N, Li VSW, Vlachogiannis G, Valeri N, Mainolfi N, Suri V, Friedman A, Manfredi M, et al. Serine synthesis pathway inhibition cooperates with dietary serine and glycine limitation for cancer therapy. Nat Commun. 2021;12:366.

Jackstadt R, Norman JC. Stromal WNTer Keeps the Tumor Cold and Drives Metastasis. Dev Cell. 2021;56:3-4. 

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Smith RCL, Kanellos G, Vlahov N, Alexandrou C, Willis AE, Knight JRP, Sansom OJ. Translation initiation in cancer at a glance. J Cell Sci. 2021;134:jcs248476.


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