Fuelling metastatic behaviour in pancreatic cancer

Prof Laura Machesky

Starting Salary from £31,604 to £41,929 (Depending on experience) plus relocation allowance and sponsorship and fees for a Skilled Workers Visa where applicable.

Initial 3-year fixed term contract plus potential 2-year extension, subject to contract review process.



This is an exciting research opportunity to join the laboratory of Professor Laura Machesky and use a multidisciplinary approach to study how mechanosensing and the microenvironment regulate the balance between cell migration and macropinocytosis in pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic tumours are hallmarked by stiff fibrous matrix and a high rate of metastasis to sites such as the liver. They frequently harbour mutations in KRas that confer enhanced macropinocytosis. We have recently discovered that mechanosensing can control both cell migration and metabolism in pancreatic cancer cells (see Papalazarou et al., Nature Metabolism 2020). This project aims to elucidate how pancreatic cancer cells control the balance between nutrient uptake and migration to fuel growth and metastasis. Our studies use both in vivo and bioengineered models of tumours and the liver metastatic niche. We perform advanced light microscopy (e.g. super-resolution confocal imaging, FRET/FLIM). We study processes at the subcellular resolution in complex 3D environments and tissues. This project will involve collaborations with bioengineers and clinical scientists and training will be provided in all areas.

Applicants must have a PhD in a relevant field, be driven by scientific curiosity, and have an excellent publication record for their career stage and scientific background. Ideally the successful candidate would have a strong track record or keen interest in cancer biology and a deep understanding of the associated experimental methodologies. Experience with in vivo or bioengineered models of cancer and/or imaging and molecular cell biology would be an advantage.

The Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute is committed to increase the number of female scientists at this level and encourages female applicants to apply. We have a highly attractive, innovative maternity policy, which includes providing a postdoc with support and funding so that their projects can continue during their maternity leave.

Closing Date for Applications: 28 November 2021




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