Recent publications

December 2022

Grotehans N, McGarry L, Nolte H, Kroker M, Narbona-Perez AJ, Deshwal S, Giavalisco P, Langer T, MacVicar T. Ribonucleotide synthesis by NME6 fuels mitochondrial gene expression. bioRxiv. 2022;Volume:2022.2011.2029.518352.

November 2022

October 2022

Bader AS, Luessing J, Hawley BR, Skalka GL, Lu W-T, Lowndes Noel F, Bushell M. DDX17 is required for efficient DSB repair at DNA:RNA hybrid deficient loci. Nucleic Acids Research. 2022;10.1093/nar/gkac843.

McGarry DJ, Castino G, Lilla S, Carnet A, Kelly L, Micovic K, Zanivan S, Olson MF. MICAL1 activation by PAK1 mediates actin filament disassembly. Cell Reports. 2022;41.

Villar VH, Allega MF, Deshmukh R, Ackermann T, Nakasone MA, Vande Voorde J, Drake TM, Oetjen J, Bloom A, Nixon C, Müller M, May S, Tan EH, Vereecke L, Jans M, Blancke G, Murphy DJ, Huang DT, Lewis DY, Bird TG, Sansom OJ, Blyth K, Sumpton D, Tardito S. Hepatic glutamine synthetase controls N5-methylglutamine in homeostasis and cancer. Nature Chemical Biology. 2022;10.1038/s41589-022-01154-9.

Sansom O. A new network for the synergistic translation of mouse research. Dis Model Mech. 2022;15.

September 2022

Fisher NC, Byrne RM, Leslie H, Wood C, Legrini A, Cameron AJ, Ahmaderaghi B, Corry SM, Malla SB, Amirkhah R, McCooey AJ, Rogan E, Redmond KL, Sakhnevych S, Domingo E, Jackson J, Loughrey MB, Leedham S, Maughan T, Lawler M, Sansom OJ, Lamrock F, Koelzer VH, Jamieson NB, Dunne PD. Biological Misinterpretation of Transcriptional Signatures in Tumor Samples Can Unknowingly Undermine Mechanistic Understanding and Faithful Alignment with Preclinical Data. Clinical Cancer Research. 2022;28:4056-4069.

Freckmann EC, Sandilands E, Cumming E, Neilson M, Román-Fernández A, Nikolatou K, Nacke M, Lannagan TRM, Hedley A, Strachan D, Salji M, Morton JP, McGarry L, Leung HY, Sansom OJ, Miller CJ, Bryant DM. Traject3d allows label-free identification of distinct co-occurring phenotypes within 3D culture by live imaging. Nat Commun. 2022;13:5317.

Singh SP, Paschke P, Tweedy L, Insall RH. AKT and SGK kinases regulate cell migration by altering Scar/WAVE complex activation and Arp2/3 complex recruitment. Front Mol Biosci. 2022;9:965921

Devlin R, Roberts E. Building a healthy mouse model ecosystem to interrogate cancer biology. Dis Model Mech. 2022;15(9).

Kugeratski FG, Santi A, Zanivan S. Extracellular vesicles as central regulators of blood vessel function in cancer. Science Signaling. 2022;15(753):eaaz4742.

August 2022

Kowalczyk D, Nakasone MA, Smith BO, Huang DT. Bivalent binding of p14ARF to MDM2 RING and acidic domains inhibits E3 ligase function. Life Sci Alliance. 2022;5(12).

Schmidt T, Dabrowska A, Waldron JA, Hodge K, Koulouras G, Gabrielsen M, Munro J, Tack DC, Harris G, McGhee E, Scott D, Carlin LM, Huang D, Le Quesne J, Zanivan S, Wilczynska A, Bushell M. Purine-rich RNA sequences in the 5’UTR site-specifically regulate eIF4A1-unwinding through eIF4A1-multimerisation to facilitate translation. bioRxiv. 2022;Volume:2022.2008.2008.503179.

Kim M, Mahmood M, Reznik E, Gammage PA. Mitochondrial DNA is a major source of driver mutations in cancer. Trends in Cancer. 2022;

July 2022

Gioelli N, Neilson LJ, Wei N, Villari G, Chen W, Kuhle B, Ehling M, Maione F, Willox S, Brundu S, Avanzato D, Koulouras G, Mazzone M, Giraudo E, Yang XL, Valdembri D, Zanivan S, Serini G. Neuropilin 1 and its inhibitory ligand mini-tryptophanyl-tRNA synthetase inversely regulate VE-cadherin turnover and vascular permeability. Nat Commun. 2022;13:4188.

Knight JRP, Proud CG, Mallucci G, Haar TV, Smales CM, Willis AE, Sansom OJ. eEF2K activity is required for the phenotypes of the Rpl24(Bst) mouse. J Invest Dermatol. 2022;10.1016/j.jid.2022.06.019.

Long JS, Kania E, McEwan DG, Barthet VJA, Brucoli M, Ladds M, Nössing C, Ryan KM. ATG7 is a haploinsufficient repressor of tumor progression and promoter of metastasis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2022;119:e2113465119.

Robertson NA, Latorre-Crespo E, Terradas-Terradas M, Lemos-Portela J, Purcell AC, Livesey BJ, Hillary RF, Murphy L, Fawkes A, MacGillivray L, Copland M, Marioni RE, Marsh JA, Harris SE, Cox SR, Deary IJ, Schumacher LJ, Kirschner K, Chandra T. Longitudinal dynamics of clonal hematopoiesis identifies gene-specific fitness effects. Nature Medicine. 2022;10.1038/s41591-022-01883-3.

Rushworth LK, Loveridge C, Salji M, MacLeod M, Mui E, Sumpton D, Neilson M, Hedley A, Alexander L, McCartney E, Patel R, Wallace J, Delles C, Jones R, Leung HY. Phase II Proof of Concept Study of Atorvastatin in Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer. BJU Int. 2022;10.1111/bju.15851.

Cartwright D, White M, Crearie C, Forte C, Coulter S, Brown J, Randhawa M, Glasspool R, Roxburgh P. Letter comments on: Glomerular filtration rate estimation for carboplatin dosing in patients with gynaecological cancers. ESMO Open. 2022;7:100533.

June 2022

Baudot AD, Wang VM, Leach JD, O'Prey J, Long JS, Paulus-Hock V, Lilla S, Thomson DM, Greenhorn J, Ghaffar F, Nixon C, Helfrich MH, Strathdee D, Pratt J, Marchesi F, Zanivan S, Ryan KM. Glycan degradation promotes macroautophagy. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2022;119(26):e2111506119.

Kay EJ, Paterson K, Riero-Domingo C, Sumpton D, Däbritz JHM, Tardito S, Boldrini C, Hernandez-Fernaud JR, Athineos D, Dhayade S, Stepanova E, Gjerga E, Neilson LJ, Lilla S, Hedley A, Koulouras G, McGregor G, Jamieson C, Johson RM, Park M, Kirschner K, Miller C, Kamphorst JJ, Loayza-Puch F, Saez-Rodriguez J, Mazzone M, Blyth K, Zagoni M, Zanivan S. Cancer-associated fibroblasts require proline synthesis by PYCR1 for the deposition of pro-tumorigenic extracellular matrix. Nature Metabolism. 2022;4(6):693-710.

Patel R, Ford CA, Rodgers L, Rushworth LK, Fleming J, Mui E, Zhang T, Watson D, Lynch V, Mackay G, Sumpton D, Sansom OJ, Vande Voorde J, Leung HY. Cyclocreatine suppresses creatine metabolism and impairs prostate cancer progression. Cancer Res. 2022;82:2565–2575

Suzuki T, Kilbey A, Ridgway RA, Hayman H, Byrne R, Casa Rodriguez N, Georgakopoulou A, Chen L, Verzi M, Gay DM, Vzquez EG, Belnoue-Davis HL, Gilroy K, Kostner AH, Kersten C, Thuwajit C, Andersen D, Wiesheu R, Jandke A, Roberts N, Blyth K, Roseweir A, Leedham SJ, Dunne PD, Edwards J, Hayday A, Sansom OJ, Coffelt SB. β-catenin obstructs γδ T cell immunosurveillance in colon cancer through loss of BTNL expression. bioRxiv. 2022;Volume:2022.2006.2010.495115.

Taurino G, Deshmukh R, Villar VH, Chiu M, Shaw R, Hedley A, Shokry E, Sumpton D, Dander E, D'Amico G, Bussolati O, Tardito S. Mesenchymal stromal cells cultured in physiological conditions sustain citrate secretion with glutamate anaplerosis. Mol Metab. 2022:101532

Bon M, Bilsland A, Bower J, McAulay K. Fragment-Based Drug Discovery - The Importance of High Quality Molecule Libraries. Mol Oncol. 2022.

May 2022

Buracco S, Singh S, Claydon S, Paschke P, Tweedy L, Whitelaw J, McGarry L, Thomason PA, Insall RH. The Scar/WAVE complex drives normal actin protrusions without the Arp2/3 complex, but proline-rich domains are required. bioRxiv. 2022;Volume:2022.2005.2014.491902.

Curio S, Edwards SC, Suzuki T, McGovern J, Triulzi C, Yoshida N, Jonsson G, Glauner T, Rami D, Wiesheu R, Kilbey A, Purcell RV, Coffelt SB, Guerra N. NKG2D signaling regulates IL-17A-producing γδT cells in mice to promote cancer progression. Discovery Immunology. 2022;10.1093/discim/kyac002.

Bravo-Blas A, Pirillo C, Shergold A, Andrusaite A, Roberts EW. Think global but act local: Tuning the dendritic cell response in cancer. The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology. 2022;147:106227.

Tait SWG. Killing cells using light (activated) sabers. Journal of Cell Biology. 2022;221:e202205018

April 2022

Cao K, Riley JS, Heilig R, Montes-Gómez AE, Vringer E, Berthenet K, Cloix C, Elmasry Y, Spiller DG, Ichim G, Campbell KJ, Gilmore AP, Tait SWG. Mitochondrial dynamics regulate genome stability via control of caspase-dependent DNA damage. Developmental Cell. 2022;57:1211-1225

Humpton TJ, Hall H, Kiourtis C, Nixon C, Clark W, Hedley A, Shaw R, Bird TG, Blyth K, Vousden KH. p53-mediated redox control promotes liver regeneration and maintains liver function in response to CCl(4). Cell Death Differ. 2022;29:514-526.

Koessinger AL, Cloix C, Koessinger D, Heiland DH, Bock FJ, Strathdee K, Kinch K, Martínez-Escardó L, Paul NR, Nixon C, Malviya G, Jackson MR, Campbell KJ, Stevenson K, Davis S, Elmasry Y, Ahmed A, O’Prey J, Ichim G, Schnell O, Stewart W, Blyth K, Ryan KM, Chalmers AJ, Norman JC, Tait SWG. Increased apoptotic sensitivity of glioblastoma enables therapeutic targeting by BH3-mimetics. Cell Death & Differentiation. 2022;10.1038/s41418-022-01001-3.

Le AH, Machesky LM. Image-based Quantification of Macropinocytosis Using Dextran Uptake into Cultured Cells. Bio Protoc. 2022;12:e4367.

Sandilands E, Freckmann EC, Roman-Fernandez A, McGarry L, Galbraith L, Mason S, Patel R, Anand J, Cartwright J, Leung HY, Blyth K, Bryant DM. The small GTPase ARF3 controls metastasis and invasion modality by regulating N-cadherin levels. bioRxiv. 2022;Volume:2022.2004.2025.489355.

Coffelt SB, Morton JP. LOXL2 in pancreatic tumourigenesis: the complexity of tumour-stromal crosstalk exemplified. Gut. 2022;10.1136/gutjnl-2022-327430.

Barthet VJA, Ryan KM. DRAMs and autophagy: a family affair. Autophagy Reports. 2022;1:170-174.

Lawrence M, Wiesheu R, Coffelt SB. The duplexity of unconventional T cells in cancer. The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology. 2022;146:106213.

March 2022

Papalazarou V, Drew J, Juin A, Spence HJ, Nixon C, Salmeron-Sanchez M, Machesky LM. Collagen-VI expression is negatively mechanosensitive in pancreatic cancer cells and supports the metastatic niche. bioRxiv. 2022;10.1101/2022.03.03.482797:2022.2003.2003.482797.

Salji MJ, Blomme A, Däbritz JHM, Repiscak P, Lilla S, Patel R, Sumpton D, van den Broek NJF, Daly R, Zanivan S, Leung HY. Multi-omics & pathway analysis identify potential roles for tumor N-acetyl aspartate accumulation in murine models of castration-resistant prostate cancer. iScience. 2022;25:104056.

Flanagan DJ, Woodcock SA, Phillips C, Eagle C, Sansom OJ. Targeting ligand-dependent wnt pathway dysregulation in gastrointestinal cancers through porcupine inhibition. Pharmacol Ther. 2022:108179.

Gaba F, Tipping WJ, Salji M, Faulds K, Graham D, Leung HY. Gaba F, Tipping WJ, Salji M, Faulds K, Graham D, Leung HY. Raman Spectroscopy in Prostate Cancer: Techniques, Applications and Advancements. Cancers (Basel). 2022;14. Cancers (Basel). 2022;14:1535

Insall RH, Paschke P, Tweedy L. Steering yourself by the bootstraps: how cells create their own gradients for chemotaxis. Trends Cell Biol. 2022; 32:585-596

Kay EJ, Zanivan S. Methylmalonic acid: an age-related metabolite that drives tumour aggressiveness. Nat Metab. 2022; 4:412–413

Medina A, Bellec K, Polcowñuk S, Cordero JB. Investigating local and systemic intestinal signalling in health and disease with Drosophila. Dis Model Mech. 2022; 15:dmm049332

Winder ML, Campbell KJ. MCL-1 is a clinically targetable vulnerability in breast cancer. Cell Cycle. 2022; 14:1439-1455

February 2022

Humpton TJ, Hock AK, Kiourtis C, De Donatis M, Fercoq F, Nixon C, Bryson S, Strathdee D, Carlin LM, Bird TG, Blyth K, Vousden KH. A noninvasive iRFP713 p53 reporter reveals dynamic p53 activity in response to irradiation and liver regeneration in vivo. Sci Signal. 2022;15:eabd9099.

Koessinger D, Novo D, Birch J, Mitchell L, Moore M, Zerbst D, Chalmers A, Koessinger A, Stevenson K, Nielson M, Norman JC. Glioblastoma exosomes influence glial cell hyaluronic acid deposition to promote invasiveness. bioRxiv. 2022;10.1101/2022.02.11.480036:2022.2002.2011.480036.

Román-Fernández Á, Sandilands E, Bryant DM. The Use of Three-Dimensional Cell Culture to Study Apicobasal Polarization and Lumen Formation. Methods Mol Biol. 2022;2438:439-454.

Singh SP, Insall RH. Under-Agarose Chemotaxis and Migration Assays for Dictyostelium. Methods Mol Biol. 2022;2438:467-482.

Yelland T, Garcia E, Parry C, Kowalczyk D, Wojnowska M, Gohlke A, Zalar M, Cameron K, Goodwin G, Yu Q, Zhu P-C, ElMaghloob Y, Pugliese A, Archibald L, Jamieson A, Chen YX, McArthur D, Bower J, Ismail S. Stabilization of the RAS:PDE6D Complex Is a Novel Strategy to Inhibit RAS Signaling. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 2022; 65:1898–1914

Bristow RG, Engel J, Jayasinghe I, Kampmann M, James Sansom O, Bryant DM. Conversations with LGBT+ scientists about visibility, leadership and climbing the career ladder. Journal of Cell Science. 2022;135.

January 2022

Barthet VJA, Mrschtik M, Kania E, McEwan DG, Croft D, O'Prey J, Long JS, Ryan KM. DRAM-4 and DRAM-5 are compensatory regulators of autophagy and cell survival in nutrient-deprived conditions. Febs j. 2022;13:3752-3769

Blomme A, Peter C, Mui E, Rodriguez Blanco G, An N, Mason LM, Jamieson LE, McGregor GH, Lilla S, Ntala C, Patel R, Thiry M, Kung SHY, Leclercq M, Ford CA, Rushworth LK, McGarry DJ, Mason S, Repiscak P, Nixon C, Salji MJ, Markert E, MacKay GM, Kamphorst JJ, Graham D, Faulds K, Fazli L, Gleave ME, Avezov E, Edwards J, Yin H, Sumpton D, Blyth K, Close P, Murphy DJ, Zanivan S, Leung HY. THEM6-mediated reprogramming of lipid metabolism supports treatment resistance in prostate cancer. EMBO Molecular Medicine. 2022; 14:e14764

Nakasone MA, Majorek KA, Gabrielsen M, Sibbet GJ, Smith BO, Huang DT. Structure of UBE2K–Ub/E3/polyUb reveals mechanisms of K48-linked Ub chain extension. Nature Chemical Biology. 2022;18:422–431

Ryan KM. In the spotlight: Julio Celis, the Founding Editor of Molecular Oncology. Mol Oncol. 2022;16(1):3-7.

December 2021

Knight JR, Vlahov N, Gay DM, Ridgway RA, Faller WJ, Proud C, Mallucci GR, von der Haar T, Smales CM, Willis AE, Sansom OJ. Rpl24(Bst) mutation suppresses colorectal cancer by promoting eEF2 phosphorylation via eEF2K. Elife. 2021;10.



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