Beatson International Cancer Conference


FEEDING THE BEAST - The Metabolic Landscape of the Tumour and its Host

Sunday 2 July - Wednesday 5 July 2017
Glasgow, Scotland


The Beatson International Cancer Conference series is designed to be a relaxed and friendly meeting where delegates and invited speakers have a chance to interact on both a scientific and social basis. We encourage the speakers to stay for the duration of the conference to ensure this interaction.

Aims of the conference

Ground-breaking work from laboratories around the world has established that the metabolism of cancer cells is central to the control of tumour growth. Indeed, malignant cells and their normal counterparts engage different metabolic pathways, offering potential therapeutic opportunities for cancer treatment. Moreover, a complex network of metabolic interactions between cancer and non-malignant cells contributes to an aberrant metabolic landscape that may prevail in cancer patients. This meeting will provide a topical view of the metabolic vulnerabilities of cancer cells and how the interplay between tumour, stroma and systemic metabolism contributes to cancer progression and highlights opportunities for cancer treatment and prevention.

Once again, the conference will be held at Glasgow University, as the venue proved to be so successful in 2016. There are several events arranged to give you a taste of the culture and warmth of the West of Scotland and the scientific content of the conference is guaranteed to stimulate.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact the conference administrator,

Chairman, Scientific Organising Committee, Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute

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